Have humans been created by extraterrestrial races and what role does God or Source play for us humans?

We feel the energy is really high, it is really deep so we need a bigger entity.
We are adjusting Anne Sophie because the one that will speak will need more energy, she’s not used to this kind of energy.
I am coming, we are many and some of us can’t answer everything.
Humans are part of source, they are a manifestation of source, some humans have been created by source itself, it is pure creation and other humans are not.Some humans are part of other cosmic families, they are a manifestation of some other civilizations, other families and other planets.

With the creations of humans by other planets, by extraterrestrials, did they have good intentions?

It is mixed, you have souls that have been incarnated on Earth to help, and you have others that have had bad intentions. We can say that it was not meant to be but in the universe you have some battles between some people and earth was not meant to be a place where this battle was also happening, but with past events it has become the case. Because when humans make bad decisions this leads to negative energies coming to Earth.

The creation of humans by source and by the extraterrestrials does it have anything to do with seven strands in humans and does it have an effect on the 4D with its ego and war tendencies? It has something to do with our DNA.

We will see in the library.
Yes I see, the DNA in humans is evolving because humans are evolving we are as aliens are helping the DNA to transform and previously we already have been making some changes on humans yes.
So it is not only humans, it is all these entities around and on Earth, and the universe is watching the Earth now and we are all gathering and watching Earth and also on Earth great beings, great souls have incarnated, but they are also around it. It is more complicated than just the good and the bad, it is the energies that need to be against one and each other. There’s no good or bad, it is more complex

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