Are we able to connect to Anne-sophie’s inner voice today?


We are. We are parts of the Source. 

Of Anne-Sophie?


We are yes we will try to answer for Anne-Sophie.

We see Anne-SOphie as her of course but also now she’s so connected to the other one so I am yes I am the closer to her yes. 


So would you say are you a part of her soul her spirit or a spirit guide?

I would say I am her, yes.

You are her?

Yes I am a part of her.

The part that is maybe more connected to Source yes. 


So Anne-Sophie would like to know: does she need to work hard in her career?


No. She is able to live with this calm on her, with this vibration of calm everyday and I am still growing on her but we will be able to make great things without efforts and we know she knows that career is just a part of being, it’s not the most important. Career is just a word, job is just a word. She will be connected more and more to me and to the calm yes. 


And she would like to know what can she do for a living?


She will let me be the guide and I will be the career.

I will be everything for her.

I will be the joy, the light, I will be the source of the income but, yes, it’s hard for now to be able to do this and for her to understand.


I know she was wondering about healing people with her hands? Is that something she could do? Healing?

Yes, she’s becoming a light, she’s becoming me and I’m light so her body is also lighter and lighter, it’s more vibrant.

She has more and more energy, and she’s seen it. She’s seen sometimes her aura, her energy field. 

She has great energy, her body can channel because she has these powers, this energy. So I’m also taking more and more space on her so she will grow her energy and yes she can heal people with her hands.


Would her doing 1-one-1 session with others, can she channel for other people?

She’s not really meant to do that, she has tried but the other person needs to have a high level of energy, you as a great being and as a being of many lives you have on your DNA, on your vibration, on your signature, you have very high vibration so you can bring very good and high entities.

It will be hard for her to speak to other persons if they are not of high vibration because it brings entities but of lower vibration, not good or dark entities but just entities that have not high answers.


And so when it comes to her career, should she follow her own inner voice on what to do next?

For the moment I don’t want her to go into anything, that’s why she has so much trouble, and she doesn’t know where to go because I need her to expand and I need her to let me be here more. She’s connecting now thanks to you because today was the first day she was able to connect with to me so from now on I will be expanding on her and yes it will allow me to guide her and to show her, and as her inner voice as you say, I will speak to her and she will be able to listen to me and I hope and she hopes that you will also be able to make me speak more yes.


Does she needs to know anything else about health or nutrition?


She is light, her body is also light so she needs to have light into her and she needs to listen to her, to me. She needs to see the food and see on the food, see the light of the food. She is beginning to see, it will take time, but I will show you, I will show her the light in the food. Everything is good, everything is a vibration, everything is energy but then you can be guided to some food for your body because the body needs specific things. Some colors.

It’s like your body is a rainbow. So sometimes you need this color or this other color, and sometimes you need just pure light. Pure light in your body.
She’s fine, she’s trying hard and she doesn’t need to try so hard but she will see. This is not really important, she is letting me be the voice, the guide, and the vessel, the body, is not that important. But we will take care of the body.


Anne-Sophie has been experiencing some sadness and some depression, what would you like her to know about these emotions?

For the light that I was to come she needed to have the dark in her. It was a battle in her and she needed to have these feelings. She’s light, but for the light to shine the darkness was needed. She was seeing this darkness but it was the mind, it was not me. So the more I will come, the less dark there will be.

How can she connect to you on her own?


When there will be light, I will be there so she needs to bring a lot of light around her any way. She needs to bring anything of light and I will be more here for her.


I love to ask inner voice what they like to do for fun?

I see all these lights. All these shimmers. All these sparkles and I love to see these reflections of light. I love to see the ocean and the particles shining. I love to see the rainbows in the glass of water. I love to see the sun in the clouds and it brings so many beautiful things in the sky, it brings the rainbows. I love the light. I am light and I love seeing for fun, I love to see the light. Everywhere. I really like it.


She also wants to know she can use tarot or oracle card to connect as well?


She will yes, she can. She can use everything, we are open to everything. We can be there with these.


And meditation as well?

We are coming more easily through meditation yes, it is because you are making calm in you, you are letting the light enter and meditation is great because it allows the mind to go and the inner voice to come more easily.


It is surely exciting for Anne-Sophie, she wanted to connect since a long time now!

We wanted to speak also but the other beings were here before and we thought they had big messages and we wanted you and Anne Sophie to experience the channeling of these entities because it was really important in the time right now.


Just so I understand, you are Anne-Sophie and are you the larger part, the God part of her?

I am her, I am her in all her dimensions. I am her in all her lives, past and future. Yes, I am the part of her connected to the Higher Knowledge, to the Light. The big Light. I am a small Light. And we have the Big Light.


And so Anne-Sophie on Earth, she is just a part of you?
Yes she is a piece of me.

She is my life on Earth right now but I have many many lives right now also on other plans. So she is experiencing for me Earth yes.


What do you learn from her about Earth?

We see the good and the bad, we see the joy and the sadness, we have all these sensations, the feelings, so t’s amazing for us to experience. It is sometimes hard but it is needed. It is like each time you are a piece of the Big Light. Each time you are learning new things so we let her do the Human things but we are taking this and connecting to the big Light and it help the other part of the small Light but also the Big Light and it is helping all the others lights everywhere, it’s like we are all connected so every little light is helping the other lights.


At the end of all session, I always ask any other last words you want to leave with Anne-Sophie today?

We will put lights on you and Anne-Sophie. We want you both to know you are safe and protected and that my Light is connected to your light and that you are going to do great things and we will send rainbows, we will send light. We are dancing each one of us : you and your inner voice, Anne-Sophie and me now.

I really want her to feel the calm now more and more.




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