7 ways to relax after work

relax after work tea
Hi all,
Some days I found it really hard to relax after work… Because sometimes the agenda is pretty hectic!
That’s why I thought about different things I love to do after work and I wanted to share it with you, so here are 7 ways to relax after work.
So grab a mug a tea or herbal tea, and be inspired to chill!

Go surfing

Of course! I’m going surfing all year round, even in Brittany. Sometimes it’s hard to motivate myself, but I always feel good after a session.
In winter, it’s quite difficult to go after work because

Go for a walk (and don’t bring your phone!)

This one is quite obvious, but being in nature and having introspective time is really important for me.

Turn off email alerts or phone

I love to do technology detox, each night after work and sometimes even on entire week-ends. All my family and friends will tell you I’m not a connected person, I sometimes take days to reply to messages. But I found it really important for me to disconnect, being online and on a computer all day long because of my corporate job.

Cook something really nice.

I’m not a cooker, I must admit. But having something nice to eat is a way to relax after work for me. I’m vegan, and actually trying the ketogenic diet. I’m also a big sportive, so it’s really important for me to have all my macro and my micro nutrients intakes. Stay tuned for some recipes!

Read a nice book or take a (free) online course.

I love to read or learn something new, it’s another way to cut with my working day for me.

Pamper yourself

Sometimes, you just need some me time… Do a mask, put some cream on your legs, exfoliate your skin or dry brush it!

Schedule fun into your weekdays.

Watch a nice movie or series, dance in your room, cook with caribean music, have fun! One laugh and

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