it’s me yes
Welcome commander Ashtar, thank you, welcome !
I am really really grateful to be here, some humans don’t know that they can ask for specific entities to come if they need, yes!

We are very grateful that you’re coming. We have a few questions. Well, first maybe you can say something about the subjects we had about earth changing. Can you tell us about the Earth changes?
This a big job for me and for my people, yes it has become my main job as you can say now.

It’s yes, it’s really important for me and i’m making sure that our plans are correctly implemented.

So with whom are you working and whom are you working against?
I am in contact with many planets, with many civilizations all the ones that have answered my call. And the call of the intergalactic federation has come on this moment and time to help, so i’m managing all these beings. Yes it’s a big job and some of the angels or the guardians are free spirits, so sometimes it’s hard to have an order but i’m making sure with gentleness that everything is taken care of. We are…we don’t like the word battle, but it is, we are doing these battles against these forces that are not of our planets and it was not meant to be an organization like this on the universe. But there are so many planets, so many people, so many beings that we needed a little bit of order. We are letting the planets of course in their contacts between each other, we are letting them know each other and speak to each other and sometimes they exchange goods or technologies and everything is fine with us, but some of the other planets have, yes, sometimes have bad intentions and it’s not our goal to eliminate creation, Source creation, it’s only our job to make sure every planet is evolving freely.

I would like to know if you’re really close to Earth, We just want to know how close you are to Earth.

Me as the head of commandments, I am very far because I need to be. I need to watch the universe, so I’m always moving, but currently I am not close to you. No, as you can comprehend in kilometers for example. I am in a spaceship right now with all the other ones and i’m not that close, but there are some of my people that are around Earth yes, I can
say a lot, because they are invisible, they are not manifested in order to be safe, but some people, I can assure you many of my people are also on earth right now, yes.

Why are you deciding to stay invisible? Because we would like to know if it wasn’t easier to comprehend that you are helping us, if you make yourself visible to us?
It’s a great question, yes! There are many things going on right now and there are visible
things, there are invisible things. The main reason we are not showing ourselves is because
humans and Earth are not ready yet , yes, another reason is purely strategic, we don’t want
the other ones to see us of course, we need to work on people really carefully, we don’t want the big war to happen because we signed the contract of free will on Earth, so we are we are not interfering. We can’t do what we want and we could just not take this contract and just interfere but it’s not the way it is meant to be, yes!

Okay so on a human timeline, I know you don’t have time in your dimensions, on a human timeline, when do you think we are ready to see you?

We are already showing us to you! Yes yes yes! So it’s not a question of time it’s coming really soon, so more and more will be coming, yes, we are testing it , we are just showing a little bit, we are seeing how some humans respond.
We don’t know necessarily if these sightings are true or not true, but we’re aware that you’re showing yourself to us.

Another question: I don’t know if you’re familiar with this, but more and more of these crop circles are showing up. Who is responsible for that and what do they exactly mean? Because they’re not easily decipherable.

Yes I can answer, yes, it’s not us, as commandment (authority) and it’s not us, as the federa-
tion. It’s more higher beings it’s more lighter beings that are showing symbols, that are trying to make contact. As I said, there are a lot of different beings around earth, this is happening since a long time, since Earth has been created. But right now, we can say that it’s a lot of light beings that were in the cosmos around other planets or in another places in the universe, they all have come back to watch the Earth, so some of them want to help and they don’t really know how. They can’t be linked to any humans as angels or guardians as you can say, so they are helping as they can. Some of these symbols on Earth are part of their work. And we are sorry, sometimes you can’t say if it’s of our shifts or not…if it’s the symbols, and the images you are seeing, if these are part of us or not, are coming from the good or not, but we can’t help.

I’m sorry, i didn’t understand you..

The symbols are from lighter beings, but we know also that some of them are made by humans and we can’t help you in knowing the difference. If it’s vibrating with you, it means it’s true symbols.

There was one that looked like a Maltese cross, can you say anything about it? Do you
know which one I mean?

No, but we can check but it will take time to go back to the library, it’s as you want we will have to check.

So while someone is checking on the library, I want to ask you this: some people have filmed these light beings around the crop circles and we were wondering if they are responsible for it or if it’s just a part of energy that’s just circulating over them?

These symbols are not made by physical beings, so if you see white clouds or little things
around them, it’s the energy, it’s not extraterrestrial no, they are positive energies.
…The cross, where was that?
Well it was in England somewhere, I can’t exactly know where in England, but most of
them were seen in England.
England is a wonderful place, full of energy, yes! There are people ready to see and to listen,
yes…Now we see the cross was made by light beings close to Christ, to Jesus energy, yes, the cross is really important for light beings as it represents a lot more than what happened on Earth, it’s a connection to more realms, it’s the vertical and the horizontal connecting, so it has a lot of different meanings for us and for these beings that are close to Christ consciousness.

Oh beautiful…
Christ, as you know, has a lot of beings around him, and He’s still watching Earth, He’s still
here, He is still here, yes it’s part of his job as part of Source, so He is working so much on
Earth and these beings around him are helping, like little angels.

So it is the unconditional love that’s working out there?
yes yes Christ is energy that is really close to Source, we can say that He is almost Source, so yes, he is love, he is love, yes yes yes.

Thank you for your time.

We knew it was coming so it was a pleasure , we forced this meeting because some messages had to be said.

We are watching you, we will be there, you need just to ask, we will be there.

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