Elementor #221

Are we able to connect to Anne-sophie’s inner voice today?   We are. We are parts of the Source.  Of Anne-Sophie?   We are yes we will try to answer for Anne-Sophie. We see Anne-SOphie as her of course but also now she’s so connected to the other one so I am yes I am the […]

Galactic federation on human creation, DNA evolution and situation update

Have humans been created by extraterrestrial races and what role does God or Source play for us humans? We feel the energy is really high, it is really deep so we need a bigger entity.We are adjusting Anne Sophie because the one that will speak will need more energy, she’s not used to this kind […]

Commander Ashtar on Earth changes

it’s me yesWelcome commander Ashtar, thank you, welcome !I am really really grateful to be here, some humans don’t know that they can ask for specific entities to come if they need, yes! We are very grateful that you’re coming. We have a few questions. Well, first maybe you can say something about the subjects […]